The Union High School cheer leading team at Union will strive to boost school spirit, promote good sportsmanship, develop good, positive crowd involvement and help student participants and spectators achieve the most worthwhile experience. 

Coach Webb.JPG
Tiffany Webb
Head Coach

Tiffany has an extensive background in dance with 18 years of experience in ballet, jazz, hip hop, and others. She has had five years of high school competitive cheerleading and three years of collegiate cheer and dance at the University of Oregon, where she served as a captain

Mckenzie Barker
Assistant Coach

This is Mckenzie's fifth year coaching and she's very excited to work with this amazing group of athletes.  Mckenzie cheered at Union High School from 2007-2011 and was also on the competition team for 1 year.  She is a teacher at Columbia Valley Middle School, where she teach 5th grade.


The Union High School Cheer boosters are here to support the coach and cheer team through fundraising, event organization, promoting the team, and anything else to make this a rewarding experience for our cheerleaders.

CO Presidents:

Tiffany Lewton and Julie Martell



Brittney Bowen secretary@unioncheer.org

VP Fundraising:

Jen Miller



Molly Bettineski